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Album Review by @hiphopenth Via Instagram

The framework of a singer/songwriter album is a tale as old as time. It's existed in the same shape for decades and presumably will continue to do so for years and years to come. As a participant in this style that places a disproportionate amount of its weight on the singers voice and lyrics Ryan Yingst sees no need to shake up the resilient formula; he just seeks to carve his own stories and experiences into it.

On his debut "Bar Rings", Ryan effectively fleshes out his formative memories and thoughts in a way that turns a stranger into a friend in a half hours time. It doesn't take long to confidently trace the outline of his worldview thanks to songs like "One Stop Shopping". A track in which he has visions of the picket fence suburban ...



From radio stations to studios, bar gigs and bedroom sessions, we tracked some live performances so you can feel like you're there.



As an engineer and producer working for Plus Minus Recording in the Southside of Pittsburgh Ryan has worked on projects spanning across many genres, budgets and venues from live recorded rock shows, country albums, punk rock EP's and many more.

Justin Fabus Album Art
Justin Fabus
2 In The Morning
Bassist & Producer
On Track
Unhinged Album Art
Tears Of Joy
Producer & Engineer
For Album
Brahctopus Album Art
Eternity (Live)

Production and engeneering done in colaboration with Plus Minus Recording, Pittsburgh PA



There's lots of talent in every city and working together helps bring out the best of both worlds.

Jungle Of Thieves Album Art
Jungle Of Thieves
Guitarist & Producer
Justin Fabus Album Art
Justin Fabus
Trustissues feat.
Jimmy Bucek
Arranger, Producer, & Engineer
Your New Beloved (Lovelife Cover) Link Image
Your New Beloved
(Lovelife Cover)
Arranger, Producer, Guitarist, Keyboardist, Bassist & Engineer


Have a show or event coming up? Need a session player, collaborative partner or producer for your next project? Looking for an engineer, studio space or on-location recording? Reach out.

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@ 2020 Ryan Yingst