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Ryan Yingst Bar Rings album cover

Bar Rings

“Looking back on this release, it’s clear I may not have known exactly what I was doing with marketing, promotion, booking shows, social media, ect. All those things I’ve been learning from people in the industry as I’ve grown and released more, and created more. But this album was more about getting these thoughts and songs out of my head. I had been writing off and on since I picked up guitar, but after finishing school, touring with other artists and performing with other bands, I felt that I had really started to understand performing. I wanted to put these songs down in a tangible way, and I had a crew of fantastic friends and players to do it with. 


Most of these tracks are written about sad subjects or come from heavier spaces in my life. I sometimes joke that I only really write sad songs. That’s not actually the case, but I find that sad moments, hard times, pain and loss are all difficult to deal with and having a song that can bring beauty to difficult situations has always made me feel less alone. I take a lot of strength personally from sad songs and I hope I can create something that provides comfort, understanding, or just a way to be seen to someone in need. To me that will always be worth more than any streaming milestone, award or accolade.

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