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Ryan Yingst Chaos album cover

Chaos (feat. TopHouse)

Love is easy in good moments. Care is simple when everything is right. But when hardship escalates, we count on those around us and test the bonds that hold relationships together. This was the case after a random attack on the streets of Nashville left Ryan with multiple broken bones and in need of reconstructive surgery. Through the turmoil and doubt that followed, his partner never waivered. She offered the strength he needed to make his recovery and the kindness to keep him from losing his way. Out of this pain and love came the song ‘Chaos’. A ballad of love and loss, and the balancing of pain and care. Brought to life with the help of rising-star folk band Top House, this song is as authentic as its meaning. Recorded in one take from The Owl Studio in Nashville TN by engineer Dan Davis. A one-shot video of the recorded performance shot by Alex Amato accompanies the track, showcasing the raw power of the song’s meaning and creation.   


“ organic tandem of guitar, violin, banjo and mandolin that is precise in its technique, but is also deft at appealing to greater emotion.”

– Travis Boyer via ‘Popfad’

"With this release, Ryan Yingst firmly establishes himself as one of the most compelling singer-songwriters of our time, leaving us eagerly anticipating what the future holds for this rising star.”

– Lyrical Odyssey

“Catchy choruses, superb musicianship and a ‘home-grown’ feel of effortless class. Highly recommended.”

– Send Me Your Ears

“a piece that feels wholesome, authentic and just rather honest.”

– AFX Radio London

“undoubtedly one of the standout indie folk songs of the year”

– Djordje Miladinović via Thoughts Words Actions

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