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Ryan Yingst Meditations On Empty Streets EP cover

Meditations On Empty Streets

After his initial release ‘Bar Rings’, Ryan set up a series of shows across the northeast that would lead up to his move to Nashville TN in June of 2020. But before he was even able to get the album out, the world was rocked with the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of this all shows were canceled, promotion stalled and Ryan eventually moved off to Nashville unsure of what would come. From this unease came ‘Meditations On Empty Streets’. This EP was created in Ryan’s home recording space, partially in Pittsburgh PA and finished in Nashville TN. Largely instrumental, by combining ‘found sound’ techniques with looping, synthesizers, ambient textures and soulful guitar, Ryan created something wholly original and demonstrative of the uncertainty of the time. The album follows the stages of his experience through the majority of the pandemic and his response to the question of:‘what now?’


"I felt like this was a spiritual journey and am going to surely have it in heavy rotation going forward. I look forward to the next chapter in sound as I marinate with this project more."

– Christian "Rio Azul" Melendez

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